Gabriela Kennedy hosts a screening of the IWF Miami Conference session “Ideas Remaking the World”

On 15 January 2019, Gabriela Kennedy hosted a screening of the IWF Miami Conference session “Ideas Remaking the World”, at Mayer Brown’s office. A number of IWF Hong Kong members and their guests attended the event.

The session featured three IWF members including IWF-HK member Janice Wang, who presented innovative ideas that have made an incredible impact in their communities. Do you know how many women are homeless in Australia? What do you think would be the item that they would most need and that would give them back their dignity? How do you think technology can impact the fashion industry and what role should you play in this? What is the most serious risk to the health of women and children in the developing world and what solution could be deployed to reduce this risk? The answers : female hygiene items, the fashion industry supply chain and a low cost cooking stove. These solutions and the ideas put forward by the three engaging speakers featured in the session, led to a lively discussion post screening, over drinks amongst those in attendance, on the alleviation of poverty, cultural considerations, the passion to see through ideas however modest or grand, and well-being.

Ideas Panel.jpg